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Quality & Safety 

Your trust is Noumami's greatest asset. 

Noumami quality policy 

Food safety will always be our number one priority. We aim to constantly maintain high-quality standards at every step to provide the best product for our customers.

Safe materials & ingredients

The use of safe ingredients and materials is fundamental to healthy products. We therefore examine and check the documentation of all our components and suppliers to ensure their safety and quality.

Research and development

Making authentic fish sauce from the unique Norwegian fish habitat has never been done before. After five years of research, Noumami released the first salmon fish sauce in 2017.

We continue to focus on future development to refine the process and make new tasteful fish sauces with other fishes from the Norwegian sea. Our scientific partners include actors from both private and public sectors, such as Nofima, Palegia AS and FHF (Norwegian Seafood Research Fund).

Strict production control

Our production facility is located in Norway and is subject to all local and European regulations. Controls at our factory include regular evaluations and inspection of equipment from the Norwegian authorities to ensure that all food and hygiene standards are met.


We employ strict procedures to prevent contamination in all parts of our production line. All handling of fish is done according to regulations and monitored with modern electronic devices. Bottles are thoroughly cleaned inside before they are filled, and the process is fully automated.

Precise product labelling

Noumami is committed to precise product labelling and strives to guarantee that our advertising is not misleading, always compliant with laws and regulations.

What Our Partners Say

Cold enviroment.jpg
- Noumami fish sauce - Norwegian fish sauce - Fish sauce from Norway - Salmon Fish Sauce - Vietnamese Fish Sauce

Gro Haugvaldstad Kleiberg 

Nofima Fish Research Institute, Norway

"We cooperate with Noumami in the science laboratory, and synchronize the process from the fish producer to the production process of the finished product. Noumami has extensive knowledge of the fermentation process for fish sauce products"
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