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Our story

The story of Noumami is a story of passion, courage, and innovation. It is the tale of a journey towards new horizons, the discovery of magical treasures, and the revival of forgotten and proud cultural traditions in a modern world full of new opportunities.

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Redefining fish sauce with authentic Norwegian seafood

Forgotten heritage

Since ancient times, people all over the world have made fermented fish sauce for use in cooking. However, fish is a vulnerable and precious resource. Authentic fish sauce is almost impossible to obtain nowadays. Most of the fish sauce sold today is industrially and artificially produced. Many consumers are not conscious about this, or they don´t seem care about the importance of the raw materials. This is where the story of Noumami begins.

The treasure in the sea

In the northernmost part of the Atlantic Ocean, between the beautiful fjords along Norway’s long coastline, is a hidden treasure. Here, there are abundant amounts of salmon and fish of unparalleled quality. Only a few in the world have access to this resource.

Why not make the finest fish sauce

with ingredients sourced from pure Norwegian nature?

New horizons

No one has ever attempted to make fermented fish sauce from salmon or Norwegian fish. After five years of research, the idea finally became a reality. Under the strictest conditions for safe and secure food handling in Norway, in 2018 Noumami succesfully set up a facility in Sandnes to produce the world’s first fish sauce made from Norwegian salmon!

Mission statement

Noumami is proud to embark on this exciting journey. The company takes pride in bringing out the best of Norway in an environmentally friendly, health-promoting, and sustainable manner. Our goal is for fish sauce, a 2000-year-old cultural heritage in human history, to be rediscovered by new generations and be a source of health and joy for everyone around the world!

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