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Grain gives whiskey.

Norwegian fish gives Noumami!


Making “wine” out of fish

Drying and salting are well-known preservation methods for fish with long historical roots in many different cultures worldwide. Fermentation is another method of using fish. The technique has been known by humans for ages. This process is, among other things, the basis for the production of beer, wine, and spirits. The fermentation of fish is a complex and intricate process. It involves enzymatic and microbial activity under optimal conditions, which ensures a slow breakdown of the fish and flavor development, resulting in a golden sauce with a rich aroma (fish sauce).



Fish sauce has been given different names in different cultures. The ancient Romans called the liquid garum and used it as an exclusive addition to food. Archaeological findings from the Mediterranean countries show that garum was manufactured in abundant quantities. This ingredient was a highly sought-after commodity, traded on a large scale. After the decline of the Roman Empire, garum became less widespread, but it is still well-known among food lovers in Mediterranean countries.



In East Asia, the names of fish sauce vary depending on the country of origin: gyosho (Japan), yulu (China), aekjeot (Korea), nuoc mam (Vietnam), nam pla (Thailand), patis (Philippines), kecap ikan (Indonesia) and many more. In this part of the world, fish sauce is quite common. For millions of people, fish sauce is an indispensable part of their diet, just like salt and pepper.

nuoc-mam-de-duoc-bao-lau-cach-bao-quan-nuoc-mam-duoc-lau-cho-avt-1200x676 (1).jpg

The development of fish sauce

Spread over many cultures over more than 2000 years, fish sauce has developed into a highly diverse product. Common to all genuine fish sauces is that they are salty, rich in proteins, minerals and have a distinct aroma. The taste is strong and depends on the fish material and production method. This pure fish extract in droplet form stimulates the senses in a very tasteful way (umami), hence particularly suitable as an additive to enhance the flavour in a wide range of dishes.


A unique Norwegian product

At Noumami, we have created the finest drops based on Norwegian fish. We are convinced that this ancient and Far Eastern secret ingredient will again be discovered by new generations and all those who love food. Noumami is a proud part of this ongoing story of old and new food traditions!

Noumami Production Method

Traditional production method

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